EXPOSITION: There comes a time in every setting when God calls for a new beginning with a new generation and a new leadership. Moses and the old generation of Jews exited, necessitating the outdooring of a new leader to lead the Israelites. It was of this essence that Joshua was commissioned to lead the new generation into a new challenge

of possessing the nation as promised by God.

From our Scripture reading, we realize that leadership based on biblical Christian principles is a definite way of chalking success. It is  not so surprising that God instructed an emerging leader like Joshua to stay committed and devoted to the Word of God for his success in leadership. This was a direct God-given instruction to Joshua as to how to nurture the seed of leadership in him.

Inarguably, one of the greatest presidents in American history is Abraham Lincoln. He was known to be deeply familiar with the Bible, quoting and praising it. Through his entire public career, Lincoln quoted Scripture. His fondness with the Scripture made him express dependence on God – believing in an all-powerful God that shaped events. He based his leadership on Christian principles which  in disputably made him successful.

A fertilizer in the hands of the farmer is just as important as the Word of God dwelling richly in the Christian. The Word of God in the    Christian leader becomes a fertilizer which secures their growth unto  maturity against the odds of failure. The Word of God will help the Christian leader to maintain the right thoughts and the right attitude that would help him grow. The Christian leader must intentionally ground their beliefs and base their faith on God’s Word of Truth.

His inspiration and motivation as a leader must be from the Word of God to be able to ride on unimaginable heights. When other folks consider the course of life and conclude that it’s not possible, the Christian leader who is committed to the Word of God would find hope and make a difference in their world.