Yesterday in our devotion, we were encouraged not to give up in the face of the many pressures to bow to the demands of the world. In today’s devotion, we are further being urged on to the reality that, we are not alone in this journey.

From our Scripture reading, we see the LORD telling Elijah, “I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”  Wow! In the midst of corruption, where the whole nation seemed to have been swallowed up in idolatry and adultery, there were seven thousand others who had determined to keep their identity. All these while, Elijah had thought that, he was the only one left who had not bowed to Baal; thankfully, he was not.


There is this lie in our generation, which seems to be making headway among the youth – “everybody is doing it.” Just like Elijah, we are being told today, not all have bowed to the demands of the world. Not everybody is involved in pre-marital sex; not everybody is masturbating; not everybody is watching pornography; not everybody is cheating on the spouse; not everybody is paying or taking bribes; not everybody is cheating in exams; not everybody is drinking; yes, not everybody has given up on God. There are many out there with you, who are determined to keep their garments pure. Don’t be tired of fighting; you are not alone.