We have begun the journey into the New Year, discovering God’s mighty hand to bring newness. Our trust and dependence is needful for God to bring us new things. We must not also hold on to or dwell in the past. Today, we focus on highlights of the results of our trust and dependence of God. The start of every journey or project should be driven by faith and determination. This is because, it comes with uncertainties, and so does every New Year. Our hearts may be in fright as we launch into the year, when we do not know what it holds and will bring our ways. Sometimes anxiety fills in the spaces, shaking the very core of our faith. But let us not be anxious for anything, for our God sees through to the very end (Matthew 6:25; Philippians 4:6 ESV).

There is yet good news for us, God makes a way in the waters and makes a dry path through the sea (Verse 16, NLT). Moses and the Israelites  who journeyed from Egypt are witnesses to this fact (Exodus 14:16).

The verse 19 of Isaiah 43 adds; God makes a pathway through the wilderness and creates rivers in dry wastelands (NLT). The words ‘make’ and ‘create’ in the verses denote a springing forth of a new thing out of an old. Whatever the old year has been, whether a wilderness or a dry wasteland, a new pathway and rivers can spring out of them respectively by the hand of God. Newness, freshness, wholeness and completeness is possible when we begin with God. If He is not in the beginning, how can he be in the midst and the end with you? Why invite him later when things turn hard and sour, when  you can start with him and avoid staleness?

An opportunity to turn things around this New Year is available. The   God factor is necessary for all conditions. If the uncertainties be waters, God will make a path through them. If they be seas, a dry path will come through. Do not be afraid of the wilderness, for God can make a pathway through it. What if it is a desert that is dry and a wasteland such that thirst almost consumes you? Rivers will spring forth for your refreshing. I encourage you to go with God through 2022, and cast all the uncertainties they hold to God. The assurance is this – His hand will bring life to every dead situation, and hope to every desperation. God has done it before and He will continue to do it.