Often people want to be given special roles at church before they consider themselves in ministry. Others are also seeking the opportunity to be in full-time ministry so that they can classify themselves as ministers. The purpose of Christian ministry is to cause the establishment and the growth of the Kingdom of God and also to ensure that the Lord is glorified on earth.

Text Box: ,Wherever the Christian finds him or herself is a mission field. As a full-time Christian, your focus should be that God will be glorified at your place of work. In a week, the number of hours spent at the workplace or in school exceeds the number of hours a person spends in church. This implies that if there is a place where we can exert influence it is at our place of work. Therefore, every Christian must see him or herself as a full-time minister who is actively using his vocation to draw people to Christ.

The Bible admonishes us to see our service to our earthly masters as service to God. The master must also understand that, both the servant and himself (the master) have one heavenly Master who will reward them both. This implies that God is keenly interested in everything that goes on at the place of work. Superiors must work with subordinates in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord and vice versa. Clients must be treated in a way that will bring glory to the Lord. Our ability to work diligently and assiduously within the rules and regulations of the institutions we find ourselves will cause others to see the Christ we serve and give Him the glory which is due Him. In the same vein, we must engage in vocations that are first and foremost pleasing to the Lord and secondly legally accepted in the nation.