I love the way the Psalmist is a friend with God. He is seen to have a personal relationship with the Lord to the extent that, he calls Him his shepherd. In the normal circles, it is the shepherd who talks about his sheep and their way of life. But in the case of the Psalmist, David, the opposite was the case. The sheep had grown so fond of the shepherd and had such deep intimacy that, he, David could boast about Him.

Don’t forget we are still dealing with the topic, An Ever-Present Help. To help is to lessen the burden of another or to make something more pleasant or easier to deal with. God is our ever present and reliable help. A strong tower we can always lean on. Dearly beloved, you are privileged to have the God of the heavens and the earth to be you help. Nothing else matters. In him you find a friend and a companion, a certain kind of relationship that goes beyond the ordinary. You can relate with Him on a very personal level like a wife to the husband.

Open up to him and allow him to be help to you. Talk to him today about everything; be it an addiction, an abuse, a besetting sin or any affliction of life. Remember that for the sheep to state emphatically that ‘’he leads’’, means that he has surrendered all to his shepherd and was willing to be led into greener pastures and still waters. God is the best friend and companion ever there is, allow him into your home.