Peer reviewed research and documents across the globe hint that the richest people are entrepreneurs, that is, those who own their businesses and have multiple streams of income from other productive businesses or investments. In time past, our family paths showed that most of our forebears depended largely on one family business which of course was enough to supply all the needs of the entire family.

The changing scenes of the global village put much heavier weight on families now not to depend on one source of income. To this effect, economic trends point out the need for more young people to have multiple streams of income, which inevitably help in meeting various needs and goals without them becoming a dropout with one source of income. Many economies on the African continent and families are living hand-to-mouth as the majority of them depend on one source of income.

Today’s devotion is focused on enabling you to:

● Think outside the box in your endeavours.

● Work consciously at earning other sources of income without compromising on standards.

● Avoid the ignorance that has blinded many people to the opportunities and possibilities around them.

● Get on board to do everything healthy and worthy that your hand finds.

● Earn from the right perspective with the right motive and principles multiple streams of income that will keep you going on the wheels of progress.