Paul’s piece in Philippians 1:9 has several practical lessons to be imbibed by us as youth. In truth, the cardinal Christian virtue is love. Not only that, the virtue of love abounds more and more as a person gains knowledge and discernment. At this point, one matures to do excellent works in the midst of uncertainties.

When my love abounds more and more in knowledge and all discernment, it keeps me pure and blameless for the day of Christ.

The lessons for the Youth are these:

  1. The Lord is very passionate about the love we have for Him.
  2. The love for Him must grow more and more no matter the influences around us.
  3. We require knowledge and discernment to scale through odds.
  4. That aside, we should be secured as a generation to approve what is excellent as far as money and love contexts are concerned.
  5. We must purpose to be filled with the fruit of righteousness.


What other lessons can I glean for my life from the topic: Money and Love?