A man often helps his children to get up early so they can serve the people in any way that pleases the Lord. He instructs his children to join him welcome the people and usher them to take their seat during church service. He taught them how to welcome the people and say words of blessing to them. Every Sunday that he goes to Church, he organizes his three children between the ages of 3 and 7. There came a time when this man was away for a month. The children, however, continued to do exactly what they had learnt from their father.

The Bible admonishes us to use every opportunity, and whatever gifts or resources we have to serve one another (1Pet. 4:10). Service in the name of the Lord to our neighbours and fellows is a key Kingdom virtue that we should impress on our children.


  • Remember that children learn more when they are active partners in the community of faith, especially, where they get opportunities to serve others.
  • Identify creative ways you can model the practice of serving in the house of God
  • Provide avenues for service that is appropriate to their age and development.