EXPOSITION: In the military, mobilisation is the act of assembling reserve forces for active duty in times of war or national emergency. Members of the reserve force are valued extremely for their role in safeguarding the security of the state and helping with the maintenance of essential government or private utilities. This is a clear pictorial view of the divine mission of God for the Church, which is to mobilise forces that would work to redeem the souls of sinners from eternal damnation. Thus, as God’s army, the Church should mobilise members from the grassroots (the local church) to reinforce the urgency of the mission to possess the nations. There should be no room for idling around; every member must be mobilised.

The expert archers from the tribe of Benjamin and brave warriors from the tribe of Judah and Gad assisted David to ascend the throne as king. Also, warriors from the tribe of Manasseh constituted the group of forces which joined David’s army to recover everything that the Amalekites had taken. To have a stronger force for battle, David ensured a daily mobilisation of forces into his army till it became like the army of God.

He did this by going out to meet them, speaking kindly and striking alliances with them. In like manner, the Church must bring all members on board on a daily basis for mission. In addition, members must daily engage in evangelism to win more souls who will be discipled and mobilised into the army of God for mission. Just as every force has a special ability in their line of duty, every Christian has to identify their special skill in ministry and put them to use to help the Church possess the nations for Christ.