A technological advancement that has obviously assumed much relevance in this generation is social media. It is an online community which seeks to provide a way for people to share ideas, content, thoughts, and relationships online. Currently, social media is the fastest tool of communication in human history. Communication and life as a whole in this time are becoming increasingly difficult without the use of the various social media networks. For instance, networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp have become substantive parts of our daily lives such that they are now considered “worlds” on their own. Other tools such as YouTube give the user the opportunity to access videos on almost any topic one can think of.

These tools have evolved over time such that they have become so user friendly and very interactive, especially for the youth. The positive roles these social media tools play in our lives cannot simply be overemphasized. Nevertheless, just like any other technological advancement, social media also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. As Christian youth, we have a calling to reflect the very nature of Christ and to show this nature to the world as Matthew 5:14- 16 indicates. This, however, requires an amount of consciousness and circumspection on our parts as Christians. Social media is a great tool and our ability to make good use of it can go a long way to affect both our spiritual and personal/ self-development. In the week ahead, we shall dedicate some time to looking at some of the ways we can make the most of social media and, more importantly, how we can avoid the abuse that comes with it.