King David’s relationship with Mephibosheth has some lessons for us all. David wanted to show favour to a descendant of Saul for Jonathan’s sake and he was introduced to a young man who had been handicapped in his feet at a young age of five. How was the king going to accept this young man; was he going to keep this kindness from him or he would go all out and do as he had determined in his heart to do? Some disabled people are denied some privileges and even rights because people think they do not deserve it. To eat at the king’s table was a big deal and David’s ability to grant this favour indicates that he accepted Mephibosheth completely irrespective of his disability. Again David restored to Mephibosheth all the properties of his late grandfather, Saul.

It is our responsibility to put smiles on the faces of the disabled in our societies. Our focus should not just be giving of alms. We should contribute to helping them make a living and having meaningful lives, if it is within our capacity. Do not stare at those with disabilities because it makes them feel uncomfortable, learn not to make fun of their disabilities and do not infringe on their rights. Get acquainted with any disability act that is relevant to your jurisdiction and advocate for the rights of the disabled in your own small way. Above all you can intercede for them because God, the author of life, has a perfect plan for all men including the physically challenged.