In the above scripture reading, the disciples of Jesus voiced out an opinion that is common among several people; sin causes disabilities. Surprisingly, Jesus had a different answer to give. The disability of the young man was neither due to the sins of his parents nor his own sins. It was meant to display the glory of God among men. Sometimes wrong opinions hinder us from treating the marginalized well. The fall of man has ushered humanity into distress and anyone born of a woman, can become subject to the challenges of this distressed world. These include poverty, famine, diseases, disabilities, death etc. The righteous also has his fair share of these challenges but the difference is that the glory of God is seen in all situations in the life of the children of God.


There are sometimes over generalization of disabilities. For example, the fact that an individual has a disability in a part of his body does not mean that he is disabled in every aspect of life. An impairment in an area of life should not be interpreted as a total incapacitation. Such an opinion makes it difficult for the disabled to have equal opportunities in life even when they can perform well in those areas.