Another important Christian doctrine that propels the believer to maturity is Sanctification. Sanctification means ‘to set apart’. Other words used for sanctification are saints and holiness.

From the Scripture, Jesus had expounded the word of God to the disciples. The disciples were made aware that they were not of this world because they had been called out of the world. That is the reason behind the world’s hatred towards them. The same truth is applicable to all followers of Christ Jesus. After explaining the passage, He further prayed for the disciples and asked that God should “sanctify them by the truth”. The truth represents the word of God and is the same as Jesus Christ. All Christians are set apart for God’s holy purpose. Jesus Christ is the word of God and He is full of grace and truth. All Christians are sanctified by faith in Him.

For us to understand the doctrine of sanctification, there are three phases. These are positional sanctification, experiential sanctification and ultimate sanctification. Positional sanctification happens to every believer who receives the imputed righteousness of God at the moment of salvation. Experiential sanctification is the second phase, whereby every Christian has the unique opportunity to grow spiritually and attain progressive righteousness during his/her lifetime. The last phase is the ultimate sanctification. This is the stage whereby every Christian shall receive the perfect righteousness of God in eternity. Furthermore, experiential sanctification grows as the believer dedicates his life to God and is nourished by the word of God through the agent of the Holy Spirit. The constant and daily transformation of the believer through the word of God and the Holy

The spirit leads him/her to reflect the image of Christ. As young Christians who want to grow into doctrinal maturity, we must endeavour to intentionally study and obey the word of God. Remember that we are justified to serve God in the world through sanctification. In addition, we must endeavour to live holy lives.