All Christians are saved by grace (unmerited favour of God). Therefore, we need to grow in the grace received through our Lord Jesus Christ. Apostle Peter advises his hearers to avoid false and wicked teachers by growing in the special favour and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We must understand that, the more we know Jesus Christ through sound biblical doctrine, the more we become mature in Him. He entreats Christians to get to know Him better through doctrinal beliefs. Understanding the doctrine of redemption, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification as a Christian will lead to spiritual maturity. Persistence in the doctrine and its application will propel the young Christian into maturity. In addition, Apostle Peter entreats all Christians to grow in the knowledge of the Word (Jesus Christ). Our knowledge of Christ will lead to a strong intimate relationship with Him. It is God’s grace that justifies, sanctifies, and eventually glorifies us in heaven.

We must strongly be determined to have a closer walk with Christ so that we can stand for the truth (representing the word of God or Christ Jesus) in all circumstances. Understand that growing in the grace of God attracts Divine blessings and favour into the life of the believer. Comprehension of the Scriptures shall reveal your depth of knowledge of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The growth in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as a young Christian will depict our personal transformation, which is the desire of our heavenly Father. Our doctrinal maturity must be seen in the transformation of our lives. God wants us to become more holy like Himself and be transformed into the image of His Dear Son.