God has given us talents and gifts and expects us to use them to advance His Kingdom, and when we faithfully account to Him, He will reward us. We are stewards of our bodies, the Gospel, the environment, our families, and nations.

According to the Business Dictionary.com, a Master-servant relationship is where one (master) has complete authority over the other (the servant) in directing the manner, place, and time of their services. The master has absolute control over the servant. The slave’s will and passion are crucified and therefore he does not do anything without the consent of the master.

God by His grace has called us to be co-labourers with Him in His vineyard. He is our master, and we are His servants (maids). Even though He has complete authority over our lives, He has given us our free will and does not impose His will on us. He, however, expects us to obey His ways, will, and commandments so that it will be well with us. May we yield to His ways and may we enjoy all the blessings He has in store for us.