As Christians, knowing the will and ways of our God is very imperative, because it helps us build a very good relationship with Him and to do more work for Him without asking many questions. Many Christians commit all sorts of errors and suffer greatly because of lack of knowledge of the Word of God.

One main mark of a bondservant is his knowledge of the master. He must know the will, ways, desire, interest, and taste of his master and serve him accordingly. When Eliezer wanted to find a wife for his master’s son Isaac, he never struggled in getting one for him, because he knew his master very well. He knew the will of his master Abraham and the kind of woman his master wanted. In fact, he knew the God of his master Abraham and worshipped Him when he was successful in finding Rebecca for Isaac.

As bondservants, we must come to a place of knowing the will of our Lord Jesus Christ and do it. This will be possible if we consciously study the heavenly constitution (The Word of God) and obey it. We must also yield to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, since He knows the mind of God. On the other hand, we must know the vision, mission, and policies of our Church and do them accordingly.


•           Do I know the ways, will, taste, and interest of my God?

•           Do I obey the Word of God always?

•           Do I also comply with the policies of my Church?