I will define academic excellence independently for a better understanding and comprehension. The term “academic” refers to activities related to or characteristic of a school, academy, or another institute of learning, whereas “excellence” refers to the possession of good qualities to an eminent degree. To be excellent at something means to be exceptionally good at it. Being exceptional in one’s learning or scholarly endeavour is thus defined as academic excellence. It is a consistent attitude of exceeding expectations in learning, discovery, creativity, and educational engagement. When a student has “mastered” the basic skills required to advance academically to the next level, he or she is said to be academically excellent at that level.

Because God’s nature indwells us, excelling as a Christian is nonnegotiable. God created you and me in His own image and likeness, and when God created the heavens and the earth, He saw everything He created and said, “It is good.” So, if God, our heavenly Father, works in excellence and we have been created in His image and likeness, we must also work in excellence. Everything your hand discovers or finds doing (which is studying), you must do it to glorify the Lord. God must be given honour through your academics. Take your academics seriously.

Don’t settle for less. Some teenagers already have preconceived ideas that:

● Academic excellence is reserved for a selected few.

● If their parents are not educated, they cannot be excellent academically.

● The capacity for academic excellence is hereditary, hence it’s not for everyone.

● They have never topped any class assessment exercise; therefore, they can never be excellent academically.