Various attributes of love have been stated in the above reading. Love is patient and kind, it is not selfish and it is not happy with evil etc. Among the many characteristics of love, as described in the scriptures, infatuation violates a number of them. The best way to determine if love is true and pure is to compare it with what is in the Bible.

Human love usually is based on something likeable in the object of love. God however loved us even when we were not worthy of his love and went ahead to put his love into action by dying for us. Any love that can stand the test of time should have this same attitude. First of all, true love exists irrespective of the imperfections in the object of love. In as much as you encourage the one you love to become better, you still love that person in spite of their faults. Secondly true love is seen in actions of the one who professes to love.

You may begin to love someone based on attraction, an interest in something about him or an emotional feeling but that love cannot thrive until it moves from this initial superficial stage to the point where you accept the totality of the person you love. At this point you can demonstrate attributes of love such as; love never quits, never loses hope, does not keep a list of wrongs, love is not easily angered, love is patient and kind etc. Until we begin to love the way God does, we will keep on falling in and out of love. True love is however ‘till death do you part’.