Dinah the daughter of Jacob took a very critical decision one particular day. This very decision of hers to step out of her defined boundary, stripped her of her dignity and honour as the only girl child amidst numerous brothers. I believe she felt caged by the parents and protective brothers who sought for her good. Most often, there’s the temptation to move out of the will and hand of God in search of enticing pleasures on this day captioned as ‘’the day of lovers’’. If Dinah had known that she would be robbed of dignity and honour which she had kept all these years of her life, she wouldn’t have broken the hedge of protection around her.

There are a lot of Christian youth who trade off their virginities and protective covering of sexual chastity under the pretext of celebrating Vals Day. A day’s decision rightly or wrongly taken impacts the now and the future. Aside Dinah losing her dignity, she brought shame on the family that the brothers upon hearing of it got incensed. The one wrong decision of Dinah led to the total annihilation of the male generation of Shechem’s family. Be careful on this Vals Day not to break your divine hedge of protection by indulging in immoral acts or be pressured to either propose to or accept a proposal to bring shame and dishonour to yourself, family and the church of God.


In the case of Job, God himself removed the hedge around him so he enjoyed divine protection over his life; but Dinah broke her own hedge of divine protection.