Money is an essential medium of exchange needed for the day-to-day human activities to which not having at all could sap away your joy and energy. Invariably, the over centrality and total dependence on the love of money has been a disturbing trend for this generation.

The love of money has sparked up more mallams, fetish priests/priestesses, magic men, occultist groups and secret societies and even some prophets/men of God who have the ‘antics and powers’ to conjure money and demonstrate all forms of temporary satisfaction, eye-pleasing signs and empty miracles at the expense of Kingdom standpoint.

What therefore is your standpoint on these trends?

Certainly, the love of money is a root that pushes many young people into these trends. Beyond this, the existence of different questionable financial agencies which pay more returns on investments than the realistic rates point us to a certain pathway.

We need to rise up on these as the Sovereign Lord orders our way.


Reflect on your personal standpoint in life when you are to decide on your love for money and love for God.