Having understood the concept of the “Fruit of the Spirit”, we will now explore the various personalized fruits. Holman Bible Dictionary defines love as “The self-denying, self-sacrificing, Christ-like love which is the foundation of all other graces”. Its position as number one according to Paul’s listing of the fruit in Galatians 5:22 may be a result of its grandness. One of the main messages that comes out loud and clear from studying the Bible is the extreme importance God the Father places on everyone to learn how to love Him, love one another, and to even go as far as to be able to love our enemies and those who hurt us. Without God’s joy operating in your life, things can begin to dry up. Nothing is ever fun anymore. Everything can start to become a chore. Before you know it, you will begin withdrawing from others and life in general. The joy of the Lord can give you an incredible surge of strength in your daily walk with God – especially when you have to take on some tough situations.

This is why each Christian should work very closely with the Holy Spirit, who will not only release His joy into their system, but also keep it running through them on a very regular and consistent basis. The Holy Spirit will do this for you if you are open to receiving this divine infusion from Him and are willing to work with Him to keep it powerfully flowing through you regularly.

From the above texts, God is telling you that He can transmit some of His godly and divine qualities right up into the middle of you like filling up a new car with its first tank of fuel. Many of God’s people need a fresh infusion of His divine qualities due to the leaks that have occurred as a result of some of the beatings His people have received during the course of their lives. No matter the wounds you may have sustained in this life, God can still fully heal, deliver, and restore you if you are willing to work with Him in this new creative process.