We are born into families and homes, and mostly we see them as our source of strength, hope and glory. However, the realities of these sources to help us are mostly limited.

The story of Jacob and Esau is a clear example of a son seeking blessings from a father. From the scriptures, Jacob on two occasions deceived his brother Esau and took away something which was rightfully his. Jacob took away his birth right. Sometimes, we unconsciously give out our birth right and opportunities through some acts of carelessness. Esau did not value what he had. He did not value his position as the first son, otherwise he would not have exchanged his birth right with a bowl of stew. How many times have we as Christians not exchanged our gold for silver?

Esau depended on his father’s blessing, but his father’s blessing was limited. Sometimes, we depend on words of men instead of God’s word. Most people have their life shattered because someone promised and disappointed them. Put the past behind you and press on towards the goal. Isaac told Esau that by his sword he shall live, and serve his brother; and it shall come to pass that when he becomes restless, he shall break his brother’s yoke from your neck.