To know God and not to live for Him could be likened to giving birth and the child refusing to acknowledge you as a parent, or marrying and still living your old single life. To know God is to live for Him, just as marriage is about leaving and cleaving. Going to school means you should be prepared to write exams. In the same way, accepting Christ means you should be prepared to live for Him irrespective of the trials and temptations.

The Bible is full of truths showing us how to live rewarding and prosperous lives for God. Yet, so many people choose not to follow biblical blueprints for their lives. Instead, they choose to follow their ways and pleasures. They give in to the pleasures that this world promises.

Our redemption has made us not only kings and priests but also bondservants of Christ. Servants don’t do what they want or go where they desire. Your job is to live for Him and do His bidding because you have been bought at a price (1Cor 7:23). He owns you.

Christians are called to live for Jesus and follow Him in everything they do. But what exactly does it mean to live for Jesus, and how do you do it? The best way is to look in the Bible for examples of how Christ lived, and try to be as much like him as possible. Pray about everything, study to show yourself approved, share what you study with others – evangelize, commit yourself to serve the church and humanity, resist the devil, put God first, trust His plans and have constant fellowship

with the brethren. No one (classmate, colleague, sibling or friend) and Nothing (tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, death nor life, things present nor things to come) should be able to separate you from loving and living for God.