Jesus walked on earth as a man full of compassion. As the Bible teaches, nothing or no man ever revealed God the Father more perfectly than Jesus did. Jesus is the exact representation of God (Hebrews 1:3). On many occasions in scripture, Jesus was moved with a deep compassion for people which led Him to sacrifice his rest, to heal, to teach and pour out his heart to the people. He was expressing just what the Father of Compassion feels for us even when we do not bother to seek after Him.

Just as Jesus is made in the image of the Father, we as Christians are made in the image of the Son Jesus. We are born of the Spirit and of Water (which is the Word). Do children struggle to look like their parents or adopt their features? Obviously not. In like manner, we by God’s grace have God’s nature in us and are meant to exhibit such nature for God has imparted unto us His divine nature (1 Peter 1:3-4) Hallelujah!

We therefore must not harden our heart when God expresses His nature of compassion through us. It is unfortunate that sometimes as Christians, though God has taken out our heart of stone and replaced with His own heart, we go back running after that old heart.

When we hear the voice of compassion calling out from our hearts let us not harden our hearts for it is through us that others get to know the Son and ultimately, the Father. Let us respond to people from a compassionate Spirit.

We need not get the details of another’s suffering or need in order to respond to them. God has a way of connecting His Children to people who need help. Once He connects you, just trust and obey, even when the results do not look appealing. We are not to get weary of doing good. Just act and let God handle the results for we are letters being written by the Spirit and read by everyone.