It is the will of God that His children flourish in whatever their hands find to do. Some Christians have flourished in ministry, in government and politics, some in academia and some in other walks of life. This week we will deal with lessons gleaned from the lives of some men and women who flourished and are flourishing in business and finance. These men and women were some of the giants for God in the world of business and finance. Christian business and financial giants are men and women who actually lived a successful business life for God in the world of business.

According to research, Christians have the largest share of wealth with about 56% of the world’s millionaires identified as Christians. Right from time immemorial, God has been raising men and women as giants. Examples of such people are Abraham, Isaac, Solomon, Job, Lydia, Dorcas and many others from the scriptures. God has blessed the church with men and women who, through faith, diligence and patience, are established as giants. We see several Christian giants in our contemporary times such as Philip Ng of Singapore, Cher Wang of Taiwan, Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria, Strive Masiyiwa of Zimbabwe, Jin Sook, David Green, Do Won Chang, Tyler Perry of the USA, Dr Joseph Siaw Agyapong, Dr Samuel Amo Tobbin and other Christian financial and business giants in Ghana.

These kingdom giants were made, and they were made by habits. These habits or virtues, scripturally speaking, are what we seek to explore this week such that we may imitate and take the paths that led them to the place of wealth and affluence. I believe strongly that as we begin to learn, meditate and sow the seeds of these true, noble, just, pure, lovely and praiseworthy virtues in us and in what we do, we will grow into the business and financial giants we have desired to be.