This week we will be learning about a very important subject that will help you throughout your life. It is to cultivate the habit of writing which is referred to as journaling. Before then, are you ready with your notebook and pen? If not, kindly go for them now before you continue. If you already have them, then bravo because you are on course. An old Chinese proverb has it that, “the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”.

This means that, no matter how sharp your brain is, you may not remember everything. This proverb is calling for the need to write down (journal) your experiences. When this is applied to your daily walk with the Lord, you would notice that many a time, God gives you some deep insights into his word. However, these insights go unwritten and in a matter of few days, you lose them. Also, there have been times when an idea in relation to a situation drops into your mind but because they are not written down, you lose them.

In today’s reading, God commanded the Israelites to among other things write the commandments on their door frames. This is to make the instructions easily accessible and for quick recall. God gave this instruction because of the limitations of the human mind in storing very important information without forgetting. As you begin the year, many are the things that God has dropped into your spirit. Please document them. You can have a book that contains plans for your life as God reveals them to you. A book to document your daily quiet time experiences with the Lord. Your diary can also be a record of programmes that you must attend or certain deadlines to meet.

If you are so familiar with keeping notes on electronic devices like iPad, phones, personal computers, and so on, then ensure that these notes are linked to your online cloud account so that you can easily refer to them even if you lose your device. Today, God is calling you to write down the things that he gives you. Be intentional about these and you would be blessed if you go by them.