The answers to life’s problems and challenges can be found in the Bible. God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, showing us which way to go. In times of crisis, some have randomly flipped to a verse of scripture, hoping to find a word of direction but God never intended His people to wait for an emergency in order to consult His word but to walk daily in the light of it. The word of God provides direction and guidance to the believer; it is the pilgrims’ staff, the soldiers’ sword and the Christian charter. It is through the knowledge of the precepts of scripture that we continuously walk in the illumination of the light of the word.

As we draw closer to God through His Word, we walk in His light, which dispels all darkness in our lives. We can never walk in the light of God without knowing scripture. When we trust and obey His word, He abides with us and shows forth His glory.

We need to study scripture every day so that we continue to walk in the light of God. The word of God should be part of us in order to enjoy the light that the Word provides. In order not to quench the lamp and the light we must always feed on God’s word.