The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ unto the earth is the greatest blessing to humanity. Jesus Christ showed the ways and nature of God much more perfectly than any other before him. Prior to Jesus’ coming, God’s people, Israel, knew kindness to be expressing generosity to people who deserved it, and when evil was done, it was an eye-for-an eye and a tooth for a tooth. From our Scripture reading, Jesus explains the true kindness that God wants us to express more perfectly; the kindness that extends to the least deserved.

True kindness is not giving only to people who are able to give back to you or throwing a party for people capable of throwing the same for you or inviting you for the same. True kindness isn’t only opening up your heart to your friends and the neutral but also opening up your heart of kindness to your enemies. This is the kind of life that pleases God.

The world has defined morals by its standard and you are considered weak or senseless if you extend kindness to people who are actively against your success or progress. Thanks be to God that He has revealed His way unto us through our Lord Jesus Christ. His will is that you reveal His kind of kindness, so your light shines in this world of darkness to praise His glory.