The ‘Omniscience’ of God states that God is all-knowing. He is all-knowing in the sense that He is aware of the past, present and future. He knows all that there is to know and all that can be known. His knowledge is total and nothing takes Him by surprise. The Cambridge Dictionary renders the definition of ‘Knowing’ as having or showing awareness of a private or secret information. This is to say that ‘Knowing God’ is to HAVE and SHOW awareness of the secret things about God.

In Apostle Paul’s epistle to the church in Colossae, he had heard of their faith in Christ Jesus and their love for all God’s people, as a result of hearing the truth of the Good News. He was happy that they learned about the good news from Epaphras — a co-worker. He prayed to God to give them complete knowledge of His will and to give them spiritual wisdom and understanding so that their way of life will always honour and please the Lord. It is with this that their lives will produce every kind of good fruit. Again, they will grow as they learn to know God more and more. He prayed also that they will be strengthened with all of God’s power to enable them to endure and have the patience needed to live for God.

God, by His grace, has enabled you to share in the inheritance that belongs to his people, for He has rescued you from the kingdom of darkness and transferred you into the kingdom of His dear Son, who purchased your freedom and forgave your sins. It therefore behoves you to know Him and live your life according to His commandments.