Let’s ponder over these questions.

● What was I created for?

● What aim should I set for myself in life?

● Why did Jesus come to die for me?

● What is the best thing in your life that brings you joy, pleasure and happiness more than anything else?

The simple answer to all the above is to know God. It is one thing to say I know the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost and it is another to say, the Chairman is my father. You can know the Chairman because he is your Chairman, without him knowing you. But the son to the Chairman knows him, and he in turn knows and recognizes the son by name.

The idea of knowing God lies on the basis that you are known by God. When you receive the Word of God and repent by confessing Jesus as Lord over your life, you are regenerated, justified and sanctified. By this act of confession, you are registered into the records of the Sons and Daughters of God – KNOWN.

It is afterward dependent on the ‘sheep’ to know the Shepherd very well. ‘I am the good shepherd; and I know my sheep and my sheep knows me’ Knowing God is the basis of all blessings of life. It is the condition of trust in God; one who is unknown cannot be trusted. Ignorance of God and refusal to know and believe in Him leads to eternal damnation.