“Let there be love shared among us Let there be love in our hearts.
May now this love rule the nations.
Cause us O Lord to arise.
Give us a fresh understanding a brotherly love that is real.
Let there be love shared among us Let there be love.”

The church is God’s means of expressing His love to the world. When we fully understand the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will not find it difficult to love others as we have been loved by God. We live out our love by encouraging, comforting, and admonishing others to abide in the love of God.
Love is a great value in the kingdom of God. It is an essential commodity of our gospel message. It is the distinguishing mark of a true Christian. Love is greater than any of the spiritual gifts including faith and hope.

The question is: Are we able to truly and sincerely love as God has commanded us to do? As citizens of His kingdom, do we love unconditionally as God did? Do we love our enemies?

Love is especially misunderstood and distorted by the unbelieving world. To the world, it is a give and take affair – you love me, I love you back; or you hate me; I hate you too.” But that is not what Christ taught us. Christ loved us unconditionally! He died for us even while we were yet sinners and so requires that in the same measure, we as His children do love our neighbours as ourselves in order to win them over to the kingdom of God.