Holiness as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is the quality or state of being holy. The primary meaning of holiness therefore is living in communication with God and others. Holiness comes from God alone, so we can only be holy if we are related to God.

The basic concept of holiness in the Bible is that of ‘separation’. It is a separation from sin, and a separation to God. Holiness is not just a state of mind or a state of spiritual depth that makes one more spiritual than others, but a lifestyle. It is very powerful, practical, and positive. It is indeed possible to live a holy life.

In this day of “exciting worship teams, powerful preaching, great speakers, TV ministries, social media ministries etc. there is one thing that gets little or no attention and in-fact gets buried in all the ‘stuff:’ and that is HOLINESS!

In the natural sense, we are liable to err or sin due to the academic nature, but for the Holy Spirit who give us the enablement, holiness would have been very difficult to practice. Paul once said “for I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do.”

Also, in a statement, Portia in a book titled ‘The Merchant of Venice’ said “If to do were as easy as to say, chapels would have been churches and poor men cottage prince’s palace.” From all indication, and by our own strength, living a holy life is difficult, but the moment we allow the Holy Spirit to take charge, it becomes easy to practice. Joseph was human like us but was able to resist the temptation of sinning against God and man. Daniel and his friends resolved to set themselves apart for God, and to follow His kingdom principles.

Living a holy life requires a conscious effort. Do not conform to the pattern of the world. Dare to be different amongst the rest for such is the daily practice and principle of the children of the kingdom of God.