Our Scripture reading today explains to us, the end results of the kindness we exhibit to people. When we show kindness in truth and from a pure heart, we do not do only unto man, but unto God. On the other hand, when we deny others of kindness or do so from an impure heart, we do it unto God. That clearly is how God sees it.

As humans, when people give to us, we feel indebted to them and try as much as possible to pay back in words, in service, or in any way we can. It’s just because good deeds deserve rewards. Same way, when we extend kindness to God’s creation and ultimately to God, He rewards us. He never forgets our labour of love for Him. The good thing is that, if we show kindness expecting rewards from humans, they can only reward us up to what this life on earth can offer. However, God rewards our kindness even unto eternity. It is the reason Jesus encouraged the rich man who approached Him in Matthew 19:21 to sell his possessions and give to the poor, then he would have treasures in heaven. God credits our account in heaven when we extend kindness to Him through people.

There are several accounts where God gave an opportunity for people to extend kindness in order to bless them. The widow of Zarephath is one of them. One act of kindness gave her abundance and saw her through a period of famine. The end of our kindness is unto God, and as such, we should learn to show it from our hearts.