Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:9-10 urges us as believers not to be weary of doing good to one another but rather seize every opportunity we have to do good and show kindness to one another. Easy as it may seem, it could be difficult to always show kindness to one another, especially in the face of challenging and trying times. There are times when we feel we have been taken advantage of or we are not being appreciated by the very ones we extend kindness to and this can cause us to begin to get weary of doing good.

Scripture on the other hand admonishes us that no matter the circumstance, we ought not to get weary of doing good because in due time, we will receive our reward, if we do not give up. Kindness yields the fruit of goodness even though it might not be too visible at the point of sowing or even germination. The devil in many ways will discourage you from showing kindness, knowing very well the essence of kindness both to the giver and the receiver. Kindness goes a long way even to save lives and you might not know what your kindness has accomplished here on earth. However, when we get to heaven, where there is perfect knowledge, it will be clearly revealed to us how much fruit our labour yielded.

Kindness is a never-ending act of love and we ought to be devoted to it as members of the body of Christ. The devotion to this never-ending act of love is affirmed in Romans 10:12, where we are encouraged to be devoted to showing love to one another by trying our best to outdo ourselves in kindness. It is the Lord’s desire that we selflessly show kindness in love to one another without getting weary of doing so.