Human beings have social needs – the need to associate, feel belonged and loved. For married people, this need should be primarily met by one’s spouse. Married couples need the assurance from their partners that they are most important to them. If couples do not meet each other’s social needs, they both begin to look elsewhere. The couple should build a strong bond of communication where they utilise every channel possible to know how each one feels. Verbal and non-verbal means of communication should be employed as much as possible.

Couples should feel comfortable opening up to each other and also be able to talk about anything, whether serious or trivial. When a wife finds it difficult to talk to her husband about issues for the sake of being judged, that is when she will go to her mother or that childhood friend. A man should feel comfortable talking to his wife about issues knowing she will be interested in what he has to say, else the ‘boys- boys’ hang out will intensify to the detriment of the marriage. Couples should spend quality time with each other amidst their busy schedules. I keep wondering what Potiphar did with his time. He had entrusted all he had to Joseph, both in the house and in the field, yet his wife was still lonely.  She had the space and time to pursue Joseph on a number of occasions. Work or ministry shouldn’t be an excuse not to spend quality time with your spouse.

A false balance is an abomination to the Lord. With the advent of social media, it is easier to keep in touch with your spouse. You can send a message or an emoji. It will assure your spouse that you have him/her in mind. In conclusion, keep the third party out by communicating effectively and spending quality time with your spouse.