“To err is human,” is one of the commonest everyday sayings that suggest that all human beings have moral limitations and cannot live without wrong. Much as that is true it is also true that those who accept Christ and desire to follow him could by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit live holy lives just as Christ our example did.

It is not impossible to be holy because Christ set the example for us; he lived without sin though he was tempted in every way just as we are being tempted. This week is a call to perfection in all our dealings and doings. Let us take note that the phrase “to err is human” makes us relax and lower the standards to our weaknesses instead. The standard, we should remember, is Christ.

Since holiness is a quality of God those who are born of Him can exhibit it. Nancy Leigh demos said, “to be holy is to be wholly satisfied with Christ….it is to reflect the beauty and splendour of our holy Lord in this dark world.”

Jesus Christ as God lived on earth and suffered all the temptations we suffer but was without sin. He is our great high priest; the high priest who made the most precious sacrifice for our sins before God and who continually intercedes for us. He lived on earth but with no sin, though he went through the everyday temptations we suffer – the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the cravings of the sinful nature.

Jesus lived such a holy life so that among other things he could be a perfect example for us to follow. When we focus on him – our high priest, keep to our confession and boldly depend on him for strength, we will find grace to be true examples to others.


1.         What role does Jesus play in my life?

2.         Is it possible for me to be holy in this corrupt generation?

3.         How would my holy living affect others?