In the midst of affliction and troubling times, Jesus focused on the future, so should we. It is important you do not miss what Jesus says in Luke 22:69. Remember, He was being tortured, about to be crucified and facing the wrath of God that is going to be poured upon Him for the sins of humanity, but He was focused on what this would provide for the future.

Jesus focused on the future glory. Though He was mocked, tortured and crucified, these turned out to be a great victory. A great victory that gave all believe in Him the opportunity to have their sins forgiven and live at peace with God.

A great victory that was demonstrated by His victorious resurrection over death, hell and the grave! A great victory that gives YOU and I the awesome privilege to one-day gather around His throne and forever worship and praise the Lamb that was slain that we might have life and have it more abundantly. A great victory that gave us all who believe in him the strength to go through the storms of life. Jesus did not let the pain and agony of the “here and now” distract Him from His purpose, nor distract Him from the future! Jesus, as in all things, set the example for us! We may face discouraging times and troubling moments. We may find ourselves up against insurmountable odds and may be misunderstood! But like Paul said, the sufferings of this present time cannot be compared to the glory that is awaiting us. (Romans 8:18) Even though we walk through the “valley of the shadow of death” we do not have to “fear any evil” because we know that our Great Shepherd is with us and that we are going to “dwell in the House of the Lord FOREVER!” We must not lose sight of the future in the midst of the fog.