A story is told of a king who paraded through his kingdom without a robe under the pretense of wearing a robe, which according to the makers could only be seen by persons who were fit for their job. So, in order to keep their jobs, everyone else pretended to see this robe which didn’t even exist; including this king who felt he had to put up the pretense, for the fear that his people might think he was not fit to be king.

In continuing with our lessons on keeping our garments pure, we are once again turning our attention to our Lord’s message to the Church at Sardis. In our reading, we were told that they had a great reputation. A reputation of being alive, yet to God, they were dead. Unfortunately, many church leaders and members have this reputation. They seem alive to people, but before God, they are dead people. They seem rich and wealthy, but before God, they are poor and naked. Their reputations precede them, yet they are nothing before God.


Child of God, is your garment pure or you are just pretending it is? Do you live in sin and pretend to be holy? Peter after taking a step of faith to walk with our Lord Jesus on the sea began to sink due to the prevailing circumstances. Had he pretended, that everything was alright and had not called for help, he would have drowned.

REFLECTION: Look into yourself, is there a sin to repent from, is there a way of life you need help to overcome? Remember, pretending that you live doesn’t make you alive.