We cannot be complacent or pretend to know it all or have it all as a church on a sacred mandate. The enormity of the task assigned to us in this kingdom business of intercession is so huge that we cannot but resort to prayer. The constant threat of the opposition and the power it so wields must spur us on to intercede. You neglect your intercessory prayer life at your own peril. We must capitalise on prayer today to silence the enemy or go about busy bodying and be outwitted by the evil one. In today’s reading, Hezekiah demonstrated that prayer was the only and necessary factor for achieving the desired results.

As Sennacherib mocked the living God in his day, so are certain individuals, institutions and decisions of certain governments tantamount to mocking the living God, and they unashamedly continue to do so. Therefore, the church must, as a matter of urgency, mount up a strong resistance to any satanic onslaught that has taken over our families, schools, cherished values and Christian faith through the agency of non-stop intercession.

If the devil is not tired of roaring against the body of Christ, then we must also not be tired of counter roaring against his threats and lethal advances through intercessory prayer. As we intercede, God will hear us and intervene, but if we shirk this responsibility, we will have ourselves to blame. May the Lord have mercy on us as we go back to the upper room of intercessory prayer.