From Webster dictionary and Wikipedia, Discipline comes from the Latin word, “disciplina” which means to educate, teach or guide a person or a learner to behave in a certain way. As believers, the Word of God is our measure or rule in living a disciplined life. What it says is final and non-negotiable.

According to Dr. Adom Adu-Amoah in his book titled ‘Self-discipline’, a disciplined person is a one who has been educated and taught how to behave in an acceptable way. Such a person exercises his or her will with clear understanding of his responsibility for the choices they make. A disciplined Christian is a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ who is committed to the ideals, principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.

It is discipline that enabled Joseph to overcome the sexual temptation of Potiphar’s wife even when she tempted him day after day. Joseph resisting Potiphar’s wife showed a sign of discipline regardless of the different times of temptation.

A disciplined life makes one resolute, no matter the conditions attached, though sometimes it makes you unpopular in the midst of people. A disciplined life will single you out and most often, it is to your advantage. A disciplined life makes you unchangeable in a changing world.

Let us allow the Word of God to be our measure for a disciplined life and there will be no limit for us in our quest to impart our generation.


If you learn to discipline yourself, you will not need someone to discipline you.