Though not a very popular biblical figure, the mother of Moses took a step that changed history and defined the destiny of a nation. What did Jochebed do? She was brave enough to defy the King’s order! Moses was born at a time when the King had decreed that all male children born to the Israelites be killed. Jochebed was not ready to let go of a baby she had carried for nine months. She hatched a plan and saw it through to the end. This divinely inspired plan led her baby back into her hands. The baby grew to become a great prophet of God through whom God delivered the people of Israel.

Influence comes through courage. Sometimes, in order to become influential, some altars and status quos have to be broken for something new to prevail. Some trends in the family, community and nation have to come down for a new way to be paved. As Ghanaians, we talk about the Big Six with pride, but many do not realise the pain, anguish and threats to life they had to endure to wrestle for independence for Ghana.

We need courage to break the altars of promiscuity in our families. We need courage to confront the evil wind of corruption and LGBTQIA+ agenda blowing across the world. We need courage to confront corruption and theft in our places of work and pave way for accountability. Jochebed saved her son’s life though she knew she was putting the lives of her whole family at risk. She risked all for one, but because of God’s faithfulness, she gained all! Youth! Arise! Arise and Shine! Arise boldly and courageously for thy light has come!