Today’s reading is a continuation of yesterday’s passage and shows how Amnon with the help of his cousin and friend Jonadab hatched a diabolic plan to satisfy his obsession. He had the desire to satisfy his sexual desire and lust, and he did that without considering the consequences. Tamar reasoned with him to use a better alternative, marriage, but he was too carried away to be reasonable. Very typical of infatuation, we see selfishness and fun-seeking as major components of Amnon’s actions.

We must understand that emotions are very potent and if not handled well they can cause great harm. Some people have been plunged into sexual immorality because they followed their hearts and refused godly counsel, while others invested their time and resources into relationships that ended in hurts and heartbreaks. Infatuation may start off with a likeness or attraction toward another person. As you feed on this feeling, the excitement it generates can cause an obsession toward the object of your attraction.

Every emotion should be handled with wisdom, and this includes infatuation. Ecclesiastes 8:6 in the NIV reads; “For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter,” though a person may be weighed down by misery. Thus, what you feel should not become the driving force of your actions. You must commit all issues to the Lord, including your love life. For married people and those who have already committed themselves to a relationship leading to marriage, there cannot be any room to dwell on attraction to any other person. For single people seeking love, however, prayerfully consider your feelings objectively and make sure that it remains within the standards of God. Do not dwell on sexual passions and lust, and also give yourself time to assess if what you are feeling is really love.