Christianity is a life. It was premised on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Prior to his birth, God had made it clear that he was he was going to be with us, ‘’Immanuel’’. Indeed, God is our ever-present help. After the fall of mankind, he instituted another plan to salvage mankind from their sin. And in the process of time, he sent his only begotten son in the person of Jesus Christ to the world. But to think that He found no other name relevant than Immanuel should tell you that God from the very beginning of creation had purposed in his heart to be our unending help.

At the acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and personal Saviour, He comes to stay with us, never to leave us nor forsake us. This is a great assurance. Through the thick and thin, rain and sunshine, He is with us! He endures your pains and shares in your joy as well. He is the Lord of all situations. Thank God that his help is timeless, there’s no limit to his presence with us.

The most assuring truth in this Christian life is that we have an abiding Saviour who is dependable and who sympathizes with our frailty as well. On my sick bed he is with me, in the prison he is with me, in my academic pursuit he is with me and even at the point of death, he is with me. Hallelujah! Never lose faith in the Lord Jesus and in yourself, Immanuel is with you.