Certain times, it becomes difficult to identify whether a friend is hurt by your words or actions. Noticing that you have offended someone makes it easy to take the necessary steps to reconcile with the person. If the person offended is unable to confront you and your paths never cross again, there is the likelihood of losing that person forever.

Mostly when people are offended, it comes with obvious signs such as withdrawal from relationship and fellowship. An offended person will regularly decide to stay away from a godly fellowship and relationship. This is sometimes for the avoidance of further hurts or a way of communicating ones feeling at the moment. Supports and contributions are also likely to be withdrawn.

In the story we read, we realized that Barnabas did not agree with Paul to leave John Mark behind when they wanted to follow up on the believers. John Mark had earlier withdrawn from their company in one of their early missionary journeys. However, Barnabas disagreed with Paul on the issue, and he also withdrew from Paul by parting company with him.

This is a clear evidence that one side or both sides felt offended and hence broke company. Then again, persons who are offended are often unhappy, frequently complaining and assuming malicious intent instead of accumulating the facts. They tend to make mountains out of molehills. Once these things are identified, efforts must be made to get the offended person back to fellowship.

It becomes easy dealing with offense when it is noticed. There may be instances where one is unable to identify who is offended. When this happens, we can only pray to God and keep a clear conscience. Do not settle for hubris but in humility of heart be determined to reconcile with someone you have knowingly offended.