I remember at the university, we had a large class and no permanent seating places so it happened that ladies who got to the lecture hall earlier reserved seats for their friends in the front row. Thus their friends who came later got to sit with them in the front row where they could hear the lecturer better. In the same way, Jesus, who is our friend and has gone ahead of us, is preparing a good place for us so that we can be with Him.

Jesus is preparing a place for us in His Father’s house, which is filled with God’s goodness. He will come again for us when He is done. In the natural world, buildings that are very sophisticated take a long time to put up with painstaking efforts. Since it is more than 2000 years since Christ gave this promise, you can imagine the kind of edifice He is putting up for us.

Now your probability of securing a good place in the celestial estate of Christ is directly proportional to your relationship with Jesus Christ the forerunner. Gratefully, we have a good person who has gone ahead of us to do us this favour. We are therefore sure that we will not miss out when Christ appears in His glory.