The whole city was thrown into confusion; the mob had aggressively agreed among themselves to have him dead. As the judge took his seat, the accused was marched into his presence and the mob was certain for a death penalty. However, after listening to the charges of the accusers and critically cross-examining the accused, the judge exclaimed, “I find no fault with him at all.” Though their plea for his blood on their heads and their future generations was granted one thing was certain, there was no fault found in him.

Jesus lived such a holy life among the Jews that at the end of His life no accusation of corruption, theft, or immorality could be leveled against Him. Though the people called Him an evildoer, there was no evidence of any evil of any sort found in Him. Pilate inquired whether Christ was king of the Jews and what wrong he had done. Jesus answered Pilate that though He was King, His kingdom was from above.

Jesus focused on the kingdom above and lived His life on earth as a pilgrim who was here to please the Father. We must live such holy lives that at any point in time even those who oppose us can say, “We find no fault in him at all.”