There was a young man who was starving after school. When he arrived home, his mother spoke to him, but he ignored her and dashed to the kitchen. He saw the food, but after about three scoops, he was full. Your hunger must be directly proportional to your appetite. This young man was hungry but lacked the necessary appetite. Excellence is the possession primarily of good qualities to an unusual degree; exceeding virtue, merit, worth, and value. Also, it is being exceptionally good or proficient; to perform well or better than previous personal achievement.

“Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way,” said Booker T. Washington. What uncommon things are you doing in regards to your academic work? Discipline and tenacity of purpose are required to achieve excellence. In our walk, work, and worship, we are to pursue and hunger for excellence. Get rid of mediocre thinking, living, and acting. Go above and beyond the ordinary. Don’t comfort yourself with minor successes and accomplishments. Excellence entails giving your all. Many people define success as being better than everyone else. Being better tomorrow than you were yesterday is what excellence entails.

Excellence is a quality that always stands out. It is an outstanding characteristic, one that differentiates you from the normal standards everyone is seen to abide by. Excellence can also be defined as a quality that is always improving. One that is not stagnant. One that differs as time unfolds. One that gets better as time passes by. This means excellence is not a one-time achievement. It is a commitment to be ever-improving, consistent with improvement, and not being stagnant. Excellence is a process. Excellence is observable. No matter your past achievements, never be trapped in them. There is more room for improvement in order for you to be a better version of yourself.