Another classical example of disobedience to God in the scripture is that of Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phinehas. The sons of Eli in the scriptures are described as wicked men who had no regard for the Lord. They did whatever they desired and desecrated the house and the holy things of God. Hophni and Phinehas took meat meant to be sacrificed unto the LORD. They also usurped God’s rights for themselves and did things differently from the ideal. For whatever reason, whether out of greed or contempt for God or out of their total disregard for God, they simply disobeyed God, although they ministered before Him as priests.

Regrettably, many have become so accustomed to the holy things of God to the extent that, they lack the heart to conduct themselves well in the house of the Lord. For some, the church has become the pool where there are women or men they can fish from to satisfy their sexual desires. Others also see the church as a great source of income where they can siphon money or resources for their own selfish interests.

Because of their disobedience, Israel fell at their war with the Philistines; the ark of God was captured and they both died in one day as the LORD had already said. As if that was not enough, Phinehas’ pregnant wife also died during childbirth. For not taking any stern actions against the disobedience of his children, Eli also died and the priesthood was taken away from his lineage. What a sad end of a priestly family.

Though loving, God is also holy and just who will not accept any act of ungodliness in His sanctuary. To keep to His plans and purposes for our lives, we must commit ourselves to obey him fully in every aspect of our lives.