Homosexuality is not just an act of sexuality but a cult or religious movement with a kind of identity – the philosophy of unnatural sexual gratification and culture of intimidating those who oppose them.

With wealth and the power available at their disposal, and with unity and resilience they fight all opposing doctrines and values and to make way for the enterprise of depraved sexual gratification.

They do not understand the discipline of sexual restrain, but carry out fully everything “the fallen nature” requires of them. They reject the natural order of heterosexual intercourse between a married couple; male and female only (Matthew 19:5, 6).

It is a complete deception to think that those who practice homosexuality are Christians. No homosexual can join a living church and enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Any church that accommodates homosexuals and makes them comfortable without a prick in their heart for repentance is a dead church (Revelation 3:1b).

Homosexuality is mockery against God and His church; it is an Anti- Christian movement that seeks to place pleasure above the will of God. Homosexuals oppose every Clergy and laity that stands their way.

The greatest deception of the homosexual movement is the false pretence of fighting for sexual equality for all. They have well-structured systems that ensure the rights and safety of practitioners.