Homosexuality is when people of the same sex (man and man; woman and woman) engage and derive sexual pleasure from each other. These sexual behaviours include, kissing, holding erogenous regions of each other, holding and playing with each other’s sexual organs or using objects on each other’s genital until orgasm is reached. Men who are homosexuals are called gays and the women are called lesbians.

Some influential people have defended the need to allow homosexuals to have their way. However, some have also vehemently opposed them. In the mixed reaction of accepting and opposing these gays and lesbians, most Christians seem to be sitting on the fence confused.

Homosexuals have adopted the ‘silence system’ of homosexual evangelism where they get unsuspecting Christians, especially the youth through the internet or personal contacts. We are the watchmen God has posted on the wall and we need to keep praying and preaching against homosexuality.

Though Jesus Christ did not condemn sinners, He admonished them not to remain in their sins. Homosexuality is detested by God and no amount of human endorsement can change what the Lord has said.

Make sure you are never a victim of homosexuality. Be the mouthpiece of God by preaching to the lost that God hates homosexuality and shall punish all homosexuals in hell.